Our Client: Right Price Tiles

Objective:  Reach homeowners in Ireland and maximise sales for the Half Price Tile Sale in the 24 stores nationwide. Promote the wood flooring range – as most people see the brand for only supplying tiles.

Approach: Created 3 customised audiences – family homeowners, new homeowners and People with a DIY/ Home Interior Interest in Ireland on Facebook (who followed our indirect and direct competitors pages). We created bold graphics and Facebook albums of Products in home settings to allow people to search and imagine it in their home. We focused on creating urgency with time limit reminder of Sale. We created a Facebook Pixels to track all visitors for the Facebook Ads who went onto the store locator / filled out the contact form or visited more than 5 pages. We used Google analytics to track strongest leads to retarget – we focused on all visitors who spent more than 1 minute on the website, and retargeted them with Facebook Adverts.

Results: We reached over 1.3 million people in Ireland through the Facebook Ads and was the biggest traffic for one month in the history of the website. We increased the stores overall Sales by over 6% from the following year. We noticed the retargeting didn’t reach as many people , so had to run the normal Facebook Ads at the same time as the retargeting.