With the first Monday of Autumn, I start today by strategizing for my SME clients to make the most out of the lucrative festive season.

Here are the 5 steps I go through:

Firstly state the campaign objectives, timeline and quantify it. For example, sell 200 6 week personal training packages by end of October to women aged 21-39, who want to lose weight for Christmas and convert 60% back with a discounted yearly membership in January.

Ask yourself how your product or service fits in with the festive season in order to create a clear campaign message. For example, promote free car tyre check to get your car ready for winter season or bundling your products that would be €29.99 and perfect stocking fillers.

Now you have your campaign objective and message, you need to create high quality photos , graphics and video content that communicate your message and evoke an emotion. This is what my agency and many others focus on for September, we create promo videos, photos of their services/products and graphics for the website landing page, social media or display advertising. Once I capture videos and photos, I use these apps  and websites Canva , Design wizard , Ripl , and Filamora. 

Now you are ready to promote your campaign online. Make sure you have active social media followings to create engaging content and targeted adverts ( Tuesday’s blog), be found on first page of Google for your service / product (Wednesday’s blog) and have an effective website design that is mobile responsive, loads quickly and has your call to actions (newsletter, contact form etc).

Track, Track , Track! 

The final and most important part, is that all your marketing methods are integrated and you can track important data and conversions.

Make sure your Google Analytics is set up for website traffic sources- For example, to see whether visitors from Facebook or Google spend the most time on your site and most likely to convert (e.g sign up to your newsletter). Utilise Facebook Pixels are also vital (Friday’s blog).


If you would like help in running specific campaigns for Christmas, drop me an email sarah@amplifydigital.ie for a free consultation. Or check out our Bootcamp 1 Day training courses here.