Your customer is on Facebook, there is no doubt about it – so invest where their eyeballs spend most of their time! Firstly, make sure you are posting engaging videos and images on your page and track which posts are resonating with followers already – what is being liked, shared, commented and clicked on. Don’t just boost posts are that not performing well organically!

Here are 5 ways to improve your targeting with Facebook Advertising:

1. Reach people who already have a relationship with your business for stronger leads through creating custom audiences of previous customers (uploading the data you have on your current customer base, for example email list, so Facebook can match this data and find their Facebook profile to target), retarget to your website visitors or even people who have engaged with your posts on your Facebook page.


2.Include Facebook pages of indirect and direct competitors into the Detailed Targeting section. For example, for a clothes shop, you can include people who like pages such as Debenhams, Pennys, etc.

3.Don’t just stick with a single image or video ad format – utilise  the new ‘Add a fullscreen Canvas’ which is a mobile experience that opens instantly from your ad, to get people to engage with your business and encourage them to take action.

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4. Create Facebook Pixels to add conversion tracking from your Facebook Ads to your website. You can track word searches on your website, page views , clicks , add to cart, filling out a contact form and more.

5.Ensure you have strong creatives that you use for your ads to evoke an emotion with your targeted audience.

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We will be going through social media advertising in depth with real life Irish company examples at our 1 Day Bootcamps here. 

Sarah @sarahamplify